Friday, August 28, 2009

Central Florida Got a Little South Swell Too

Editor's note: See, I take my eyes off the site for a couple of days and Capt. Ron posts up some kick ass pictures of Paddle Board John KILLING it... the photos were so good I just had to post them up again (after fixing them so they fit the site a little better). Stoked to hear from my East Coast Contributor, Capt. Ron. Check it out:

Here are a few pics of Hurricane Bill Swell last Saturday.
The best swell of the summer so far on the east coast. The Bahamas bouy was maxing at 20ft 18 seconds I bet the reefs off the Bahamas were pumping.

Capt Ron

Here are pics that were taken by Eric Diller of a local New Smyrna Beach Paddle Boarder we call "Stand up John" one of the 5 local standup boys here in NSB. Awesome Pics Eric.

John charges hard for an old retired dude...


Jim McIlvaine said...

Hey John! A mutual friend, Rich Davis, suggested I check out your site. I'm somewhat land-locked in Wisconsin, but we have our days when the wind blows just right. If you ever find yourself in the Midwest, look us up-


John Ashley said...

Hey Jim-

Cool to hear from you and I'd be stoked to come surf with you sometime- watchout, you just may hear from me!