Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Ultimate Stand Up Paddle Vehicle

Sprinter Van? Please- every lemming's got one. Turbo-diesel, 4x4 Sportmobile... gauche- and so 2002. Ferrari... are you serious?

Here's what I'd roll:

'76 Dodge Tradesman
. Midnight black with electric blue pinstriping. Fender flares and mags.

Bubbled out tear drop window
, custom roof rack, sunroof and best of all....

GET DOWN TONITE! Matching custom, one-off, airbrush on both sides with matching wheel cover spray (see first photo). Tell me there's an 8-track in that baby with a bed and shag carpet. And I bet there's even room in there for my 9'4". Other rides may have the flash but this cat's got SOUL... And what do you want to bet the owner's a goofy foot....yeah. GET DOWN TONITE!


Jim Brewer said...

I think Ill stick to my lemming!!

John Ashley said...

Come on Brewer- you know you want one of these babies!

Eight miles per gallon, giant engine hump right next to your right thigh (hope it doesn't throw a rod and pierce your femoral artery) shaking your leg to sleep and heating up the cab like a giant oven mitt wrapped around a hot stone.

Tell you what, I'll bite the bullet and trade you for the one I've got sitting on the cinder blocks on the side yard- we only used it as a chicken coop for one summer... and the big skull suicide knob on the steering wheel comes with it. Shoot- I'll even throw in a Jethro Tull tape... deal?

Anonymous said...

Check out if you post the pictures in the Van Sighting section you may find the owner of this van.