Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Check your mailboxes! AND SUP SURF PIX: WWW.PIXAREUS.COM

Hey Followers- thanks for joining up! I sent a little note to everyone who posted up a photo in the Followers box so check your mail. My little gadget tells me there are twenty nine readers but I'm only seeing twenty or so photo boxes there- if you joined as a "private follower" I wasn't able to send you an email. So until you decide to come out of the shadows (and, hey, if you're Madonna or DeNiro just use an alias, okay?) you won't get a nice little greeting from me- I know you just can't wait for it right?

Next: Brian McGovern from www.pixareus.com sent me four beautiful photos of Big Tom flying down the line up in Orange County. I consider reader submissions the coolest part of this whole little blog experiment. I enjoy seeing what's going on in your little paddle sphere of influence. Brian's photos stoke me out (yes, I am stoked right now... you saw the video from a couple of days ago, right?) but they also make me a little depressed. I get bummed because I now have a photography yardstick to measure my work against and, ouch, that yardstick is more like a THUMP stick. Brian's work kicks my ass! Enjoy:

Photo: Big Tom, come heavy off that front foot, coiling up and flying... you can see the surf background in his style- the guy definitely knows how to GO!

Photo: So just how big is Big Tom... anybody?

Photo: Check the lip line in this photo... tack sharp.

Photo: Glassy, emerald green, head high surf... gimme some of that.


Anonymous said...

I think you might have the last two photos out of order...

John Ashley said...

Ooops! Thanks... switched 'em!

Anonymous said...

Tom is big. He doesn't get hassled when he surfs the "secret spot."

John Ashley said...

Funny how that works, eh?

Rip 'em!