Saturday, June 18, 2011

Did you miss me???

Wow- sorry guys and gals. I think I left you hanging in a huge way.... got you all worked up and then it all just went black, right? Believe me, it wasn't for lack of trying on my part. I got completely cut off from the net! The satellite at my friend's restaurant fried itself leaving me (and the whole little surf camp) totally separated from you guys. I missed y'all. And I'll make it up to you by filling you in as soon as possible. Let me give you some highlights to tease you a little more: 

1. I see a cartel guy with a huge machine gun. I am scared. 
2. I surf roping left hand point break waves; working out every possible paddle/cutback combination I can think of. I am stoked.
3. I meet new friends, reunite with old surf buddies. I feel at home, I laugh and smile. I'm practically  glowing (the rum helps). I feel very alive. 
4. I spend a night in a sweaty cinder block room. I meet the Mexican torture machine. I am miserable.
5. I drink enough rum to believe I'm invincible- the mosquitoes know better. I am very itchy.

Best trip ever. 

Are you worked up? 


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Steve Bell said...

need more !

Jon Kinley said...

Classic John!-love your blog-keep it up!