Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Next Generation: CD Kinley... check out the video clip.

When I started paddling there weren't any groms. The equipment was too expensive and there were just enough paddlers around for stand up to be labelled under the, "isn't-that-an-odd-way-to-surf" category. Things have changed a bunch since then. For example, there are kids like Kai Lenny cracking the lip with legitimate snaps (if we tried that there'd be slipped discs all up and down the beach) and now, check out Southern California's very own CD Kinley. It's clear to me, the groms are here... and they're definitely ripping:

Meet CD Kinley: Infinity SUP team rider from Robert Zaleski on Vimeo.

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Anonymous said...

CD Rips!-but i am his dad so i am biased!-also anyone looking to make a video for themselves or their Grom-talk to Robert Zaleski!
Thanks again John for the great content and sorry i missed you at Dpatch!-hope it was a good sesh!