Monday, June 27, 2011

PauHana at the TEVA Mountain Games

Stoked for the PauHana Team who had a strong showing at the Teva Mountain Games. Todd at PauHana sent me some photos he snapped while he was up there. It's pretty obvious to me that Todd and the boys at PauHana are stacking the deck in the river running department. Two major PauHana contributors are hardcore kayakers Nick Troutman (the current World Freestyle Kayak Champion) and Nicky Kelly, a top female kayaker for the last decade. Nicky is such a force in river events that she won or placed in every event she entered!

Team PauHana

Todd reports that, "Nick Troutman, who rides our Big EZ down river... took third in the first SUP Cross event... he lead through every heat and then got hit in the shins by the C4 rider right before the finish". Now that's an event I could watch- a cross between stand up paddle and NASCAR ("put him into the wall, Ricky Bobby"). 

PauHana's Cross Fit... looking good!
In the media spotlight....

 Congratulations to the PauHana team- keep us posted on your adventures.

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