Saturday, June 11, 2011

Paddle Potential

Flying over the Baja coastline makes your mind start to reel with potential paddle adventures. Check out these shots for way overhead:

Wow: Looking at the color of the water, all the nooks and crannies and the endless little coves and beaches... makes me want to set aside some serious Baja flat water paddle time.

You know there are some waves down there when you see wedges of whitewater: Triangles mean peaks, lefts and rights... I see triangles (although I don't know if this shot really shows it since I'm posting from my ipad using an App. that doesn't let me preview the shot- but you know what I'm getting at, right?)

This is from... right now. And it looks like the surf is getting a little better. I'm out there!

The coffee is delicious here. So nice to pull into town and see all of my old friends down here. Nice people and a nice place; happy to be here for a few days!

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Jeff Wallis said...


How about an update and pix??? Your killin me....


Shane Settle said...

couldn't figure out how to leave you an e-mail. Just thought i'd tell you the Pistol River Wave Baish is haveing a Stand Up Contest as well as windsurfing this year. Could be some material there to write about?

Baguslife said...

Hey John,

Was nice meeting you in La Saladita! And thanks again for showing us "The Ranch". One of the greatest waves I have surfed so far!

Ben & Bea

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