Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A California Surf Day: Three Photos

Here's a couple of submitted photos for you guys to check out while you're resting your arms, backs and legs from multi-hour surf sessions (at least I am- surf is still cranking down here).

Mash riding with his wrong foot forward at Privates- looks like it's working out going switchfoot in a land of rights.
Photo: Mash's friend in Santa Cruz

Looking fun down here in the ghetto.
Photo: Spiderman

Paddling the path less traveled.
Photo: Unknown


srfnff said...

John is that you on the Kenson? Sweet board, nice line...performance for sure.

srfnff said...

John, is that the Kenson you are on? Nice performance board. I like how it goes on rail. Sweet!

John Ashley said...

Hey! No that board was made by Tim Stamps in Huntington for me- it's a 10' by 30" with a wide tail. It's a sweet board- really, really fast and super carvy. The best turn is the first "slingshot" off the bottom- from there it's just wide open down the line. As I get to know her, I'm liking her more and more! Bet you guys have been getting some good surf up there! Keep me posted and if you've got any good photos send my way (or give 'em to Mikey he'll know what to do).

Anonymous said...

Nice SSWWWWACCKKKKKKKKK!!! At Matt is the man for the extended journey out the back door!!!!

John Ashley said...

Keep the backdoor on the hush hush, I don't know if it's necessarily legal as far as federal wetlands are concerned!