Monday, October 22, 2007

Sacred Craft: Some Stand Up Boards to Check Out

Take a look at the little video I slammed together for the Sacred Craft Surfboard Show in Del Mar. There are a few stand up boards to check out in addition to some cool regular boards in there as well. My better half says the music doesn't match the content- I don't know, its kind of grown on me.

In the Water? Hope everyone is getting some of the surf that we've been soaking up this last weekend. I lucked out and just got back from four days down at the tip where I scored six foot, roping lefts at Punta Conejo- nobody out but my friend and me. Wasn't able to paddlesurf it- rode it on a seven-oh thruster I've got stashed in a buddies garage outside of La Paz. I just didn't have the heart to deal with the airport hassles. I may have to look into leaving a board and paddle down there. If you haven't been to Conejo- you owe it to yourself to swing in on your way to Cabo. With a little luck (or a lot of persistence), the wind will be down and the south swell will be up- what you'll end up with is a racy little left handed number that'll wear out your legs from pumping and your arms from paddling. Mike and I paddled it this summer but it was super bumpy and messy- nothing like this last session.

Mule Questions: Got a couple of questions about the MULE trailer. Specifically, will a regular longboard, or a pintail longboard work with the MULE system? I'm going to surf my brains out tomorrow and then I'll try and snap some photos and post the answers to your questions. I have to say, I really like this trailer- the design is good and I like how small it packs down. Check back for more photos.

Stand Up Boards: It's sounding like Emerald City in Coronado will be retailing a couple of Stu Kenson paddleboards- this is the first shop to sell Stu's boards so if you're interested in what Stu's got going on this will be the one place to check them out. Kelly also said he's going to have a few more C4 boards and a couple of the Bonga Perkins models in the shop in about two weeks. If you're a board junky swing on by and check 'em out- if you're going to buy one- you better run because word on the street is that they'll go fast.


Gregoire said...

sick little video. I am on my way back down from LA and I am not working for the rest of the week, so let's hook up.
I wanna try your new board. Olivier is into the sport and is looking for a board now and my of my bro just ordered a 10...some from Ron.
give me a call.

John Ashley said...

Hey Tex- a little too late to give you a call- we'll be surfing Date street here in IB around 8 am Wed.- should be three or four of us out there- come on down!