Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Two days off but plans are in the works!

So I haven't surfed in two days. I did some other things; hung the last pieces of drywall on the remodel I started five years ago, walked Lilly, took out the trash. But plans are afoot for some fun: this weekend I'll spend a day paddling the Malibu coast, hopefully pickup another custom Stamps 10'er for a good buddy up north, and begin to work out the logistics for our Northern Baja stand up surf excursion to Punta San Jose this November. Of course, I'll post it all.

Top: Justin Hugron on a Tim Stamps 10'er at the Infinity San-O contest. Stamps calls it the Commander, it's what I'm riding too- and it's working out nicely.

Middle: The mystery 12-oh offshore cruiser- it's gotta be done by now, when will we know something about this phantom board- Stamps?


Anonymous said...

DMr. Ashley, your site still rocks - even with you being busy with school, the remodel, the dog, the wife (not in order of importance - or is it?). Nice to come back here and get a good laugh.

I'm doing a Channel Islands/Catalina sail, SUP, fish, dive trip for 10 days starting next Friday aboard a 38' Ericson with my bro Geoff (not an SUP'er, Nevertheless he's still a good guy). If I can swing email, I'll send you photos and blurbs when I can.

Let's meet up for a session soon!

Anonymous said...

The borrowed bandsaw and thickness planer will be in my possession this afternoon. This means a weekend full of sawdust and shavings as I begin to convert a big stack of tank staves into planking for my new ride. By the way, I was in Giapetto's workshop yesterday when we had a pretty good 5.6 shaker. Fortunately, my wall mounted surf racks were sturdy enough to keep all my "logs" in their place. I may have to rethink hanging the bikes from the ceiling; those things were swinging around like wind chimes in a hurricane.

-Andy Gere

John Ashley said...

M.Pollard- where have you been? I'm super envious of you guys for doing the CIs. Check out Salta Verde point just north of Silver Canyon Landing on the windward side of Catalina- I lived on Catalina for three years- that's the only quality spot on that island- and it's gnarly- you might just want to regular surf that one. As for the other spots, you're a central Cal. boy- you probably know 'em all!

John Ashley said...

Hey Andy- hope there's no offense taken at your new nickname (watch out, it might stick!). We're all waiting to see what type of planks will come out of your redwood treasure- don't leave us hanging for too long. Glad to hear no damage done in that earthquake- be safe.

Anonymous said...


The site just gets better and better.

Can we post the Dempsey/Life in the Day of John/Magical Mystery Mule video to Wildcoast --giving you full credit of course. We just need to figure out how to embed in our site--or if you download to youtube we can punch it in.

By the way--just a question: Are you the Fifth Beatle?

And speaking of swell--last wednesday after the fifth day of surfing with two days off from school and back to back 13 hours in two days of surfing (with Josh) Israel and Daniel almost fell asleep in their food at dinner.


Your tall neighbor.

John Ashley said...

Hey Serge- you are always welcome to anything that I put up anytime- besides some of the video credit needs to go to Emily who helped film part of it on the way to the Dempsey. The best part of my surf is when the boys and their grom patrol paddles out- they're so funny out there! I'll try to burn all those videos to DVD (I'm still figuring all this stuff out) and give them too you as soon as possible.

John Ashley