Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tim Stamps 8'er in Action and Somethin' New

Doesn't this thing look cool? Tim Stamps told me he's been surfing this around Huntington Beach and he's digging it. You've got to admit it; you want to try it. I do.

Here's another photo of the pug (that's what I call it) in action at the San-O contest this last weekend. Tim says it's pretty easy to get five over on it but it really likes to be on a rail, wrappin' cutties and floating over foamballs.

Last, the fertile fields of the Stamps' cerebellum never stop producing- I don't really know what you'd call this but Tim's all messed up about it. I do know it's big and it's meant to cover open water quickly.

Coming Up: More San-O contest photos and watch out it's... the MULE!

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