Thursday, October 25, 2007

Still fun this morning: Or, it's fun to burn me!

The swell that just won't die- at least for today. Here are a couple from this morning.

Some Thursday morning fun on the Southside. Chad in full alpha male posture.
Photo: Spidey

Bagby version 1: "I thought you said Go, not No'"
Bagby version 2: "I thought you were going right"
Bagby version 3: "I'm actually blind in my right eye"
Bagby version 4: "Its just fun to burn you"

The truth is undoubtedly somewhere in between.

Photo: Spidey


Anonymous said...

I managed to get some on various longboards Sunday (Its Beach), Monday (Natural Bridges) and Tuesday (Cowells) before the head and chest cold finally beat me down. Suffering now, but it was worth it. Great photos, keep 'em coming. It is inspiring to kick my hollow wood SUP build into overdrive.

Andy Gere
Santa Cruz

John Ashley said...

Hey Andy- send me some "build photos" of that beast you're working on! There were a few wood board vendors at the Sacred Craft show- one of the best was done by a, you guessed it- cabinet maker, who put together his first ever surfboard, out of wood. I'll try to dig up some photos of it to post. Send me some of yours!

Anonymous said...

I am so busted in that photo. Who is shooting from the shore?


John Ashley said...

Hey Chad- my secret photog: Spidey. He's there to document the ripoffs- and you're right, your busted!