Thursday, October 25, 2007

Killing it in Baja: Literally

Thanks Kiwi:
I followed a lead from my good buddy Kiwi and poached these from If you're into fishing you should check that site out- full of information from super opinionated (and funny- depending on your sense or humor) fishermen from all over the world.
Here's the backstory on these guys: A couple of friends from San
Diego headed down to Punta San Carlos (Mike and I paddled it in June- water was much colder then) to kitesurf, windsurf and paddlesurf the many waves in that area. I'm going out on a limb and guessing that they had perfected their boards for stand up fishing as well.

Seems like they knew what they were doing. Pretty good yellow tail in the middle photo and I'll post an additional photo of the beefy white sea bass they also caught.

If anybody knows these guys, shoot me an email so I can give them proper credit. I vaguely recognize one of these guys as a North County kiteboarder- let me know.

One more thing: The Laird 12'0 looks perfectly suited for this purpose- check out the milkcrate lashed to the deck. Maybe it's not such a good idea to move to the smallest board that'll float you- especially if you're headed down south and want to use the board for more then one purpose.
Another argument for holding on to a big stand up board.


Cristobal said...

I was on my 10'6" C4 Hawaii board in Del Mar and saw this guy Saturday... His name is Dan and he's from Carmel Valley (San Diego). Nice guy and we exchanged boards for 10 minutes... I like the Laird but it gave me new respect for my 11'6" Hobie... The Hobie has a 2+1 fin set up and seemed more ridable in quicker surf...


P.S. I will post some pictures from my trip to South America when I get back!

John Ashley said...

Geez! I want to go S.America- where are you heading off to? I'd love to see the photos and get the whole story, especially if it involves hauling a big ol' SUB down there. Thanks for identifying the mystery fish killer too- maybe word will spread and we'll get to hear from the man himself. And- I like my 2 + 1 ten footer too, much easier to whip around, especially if you time it just right and put it in the right place on the wave, then... ZING it's off to the races!

Anonymous said...

I need some details on how they strapped that crate on the board. It looks like they added something to the deck. How did they do it?


John Ashley said...

I'm pretty sure that I know how it was done. I think they stuck some footstrap inserts (made by NSI- google it for stick on footpad inserts) that are normally used for converting surfboards to kiteboards- and then screwed some typo eyebolt or something to that- you could go to a kiteshop and ask about those stickon inserts.

Anonymous said...

I'm Mike from Encinitas, the other half of the Dan & Mike San Carlos fishing crew.

The magic item holding our baskets to the board is Surfco EZ-Plug stick-on leash plugs. ( I got the idea from Mitch (of Mitch's Surf Shop, La Jolla CA). he uses the plugs to stick carrying handles in the middle of the board. The plugs are just self-adhesive stickers, but they have amazing strength. I rolled my board in head-high surf with a basket full of poles & gear and nothing came loose.

John Ashley said...

Hey Mike- glad to hear from you. So I was wrong about the anchors for your crate, cool to know there's another product out there and it may have many other uses! I'm going to hook up with your buddy and do a little photo piece on your rigs- maybe go for a paddle after?