Monday, October 29, 2007

A Little Contrast: Andy Gere's Hollow Wood SUB

Lot's of boards come from CAM machines mowing through foam like mutant ADD lawnmowers cranked up on speed. Some boards come from China, molded like a fortune cookie by comrade Ning Po. Very few boards, maybe five total in the United States, will be built hollow- planked entirely in wood. Andy Gere, a surfer from Santa Cruz California, is building his from redwood recycled from old water tanks- we'll keep track of his progress. Here's his first load of material- hard to believe it'll someday be sliding a NorCal point break.
If Giapetto was a surfer Pinochio would've been an oar: Gere's also making his own sweeps- initial stages of what should soon be a clean pusher. Check the workshop: a couple of fins tucked in amongst the router bits, some solid hand planes, wood shavings curling on the bench and a Pearson Arrow laminate- a place to chill out on a Friday afternoon, sip a couple of Steinlagers and spin yarns. A surfer's workshop.

Sometimes less is more.
Sometimes more is more. Walking a clean one at home.
Photo: Spidey


Patfly said...

I have been talking with Mike from Grain Surfboards, and he is in process of developing a SUP kit. If you haven't see their boards, check them out they are very nice. I really want to build one, but I am waiting for the SUP.

srfnff said...

Yer crackin' me up! Ning Po, Giapetto and Pinochio..the power trio.

On a completely different subject...would you mind if I poached some of your SUP surfing shots for occasional use on my blog. I'll for sure credit you. I'm trying to put together an archive of shots for when things are slow or I don't have anything good to put up. Thanks...gary

John Ashley said...

Hey Gary- Take whatever photos that you'd like- I didn't know you had a blog- send me a link so I can check it out! And as far as Giapetto- his life would've been a lot simpler with an oar for a son.