Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Handmade: A new Sweep and an Open Ocean Racer

First of all: I need to thank everybody out there who is building this blog into a community. I really appreciate the input regarding the site and its content. I especially enjoy your submissions- the photos, ideas and suggestions that keep this blog fat and happy- Keep 'em coming!

Speaking of contributions: Check these two out. The top photo is the blade of a beautiful Koa paddle constructed by Beau Whitehead up in Bellingham, Washington. In my opinion, guys like Beau and Andy Gere in Santa Cruz are rekindling surfing's pioneer spirit. They're resurrecting surfing's ghosts (it is Halloween after all). In my eyes they're emulating surfing's forefathers, I'm talking about the guys who planed their own redwood boards and dawn patrolled it in trunks and wool sweaters. Keep it up gentlemen, you're honoring our past (and you thought you were just making a paddle).

Tim Stamps has got his own ideas: Didn't we last see him on an 8-nothing stand up biscuit? Well, here's where he went next- a big 'ol open ocean solution. We all know that fresh ideas are rare birds- time and time again the world shows us it's easier to poach from others then to walk point. Support shapers like T. Stamps who aren't afraid to risk a little- to move us forward a lot.

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