Thursday, November 1, 2007

New C4 9'6": Jamming it at Cardiff

You like to sink the rail, right?
Here's Emerald City's Kelly Kraus sticking it to the inside section at Cardiff Reef. The line drawn and obvious bite at the bottom is a testament to the effectiveness of both man and machine.

It's going to be interesting to see where these boards are going to take us. Parmenter's leaning them out, throwing on some wings and swallows and in the process making a soft Cardiff reef reform look like a Super Bank race track.

Middle Photo: Mash that go-peddle to the floor- the full rail approach to inside Cardiff.
All Photos: Phillip (Hi-Rez coming soon!)


srfnff said...

Very cool shots. Putting these boards over on rail isn't necessarily an easy trick given the volume that is necessary for standing up on the board. I love to see Kelly laying it over, with paddle leveraging his 45 degree angle lean into the wave. Nice!

John Ashley said...

I hear ya on the volume comment- they can be like corks! Kelly rips though and we're thinking of banning him from our little local surf contest (WildCoast's Dempsey) because he usually wins two or three different divisions. And now he's getting some even better boards (he's got Stu K. making him a little stand up rocket- pics soon) so we'll really need to do something to set him straight.

srfnff said...

What board is he on...a custom or production model? Are the rails thinned out with supporting volume in the middle? Love to see the pics of his new board and a first-hand report of riding one. Leverage him out by making him use a 3-foot paddle...that'll teach him for being better than us!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly,
stay down south, we've got enough janitors cleaning up cardiff reef its a joke.

Just because you can catch way outside of everyone else doesn't mean you get all of the waves.