Saturday, November 24, 2007

No Waves/New Boards!

The surf left us just as quickly as it showed up.

Ran down to the beach this morning with all fingers and toes crossed, hoping that I'd get a repeat of Friday's super session. No luck. The swell began building on Thursday, peaked on Friday and was gone by Saturday. Still hopped in for a killer session in waist-high glassy peaks; fun is where you find it!

Check out these freshies:

Top Photo:
Mike Gillard with his 10'6" Marbella. Clean lines, pulled tail and a family set of footprints on the nose- what else do you really need? Maybe a 10'0?

Middle and Bottom Photos: Custom. What a sweet word when referring to a 10'0" Stamps, hand-made, ready and willing for some coastal wave-scalp collection sessions. Steve B. checking out his new magic ride.

For a Good Cause: Check out this strand at the Stand Up Zone- it's a paddle auction for a good cause- Save the Children.


linter said...

wow, love that marbella. do you know how wide it is? i'm keeping my eyes open for a noserider, probably one that's a lot longer than 10-6, but that board looks pretty great.

John Ashley said...

Hey Linter- 28" wide. I think you'd find that with the way Paolo did the rocker and foil on that thing there'd be enough board for you to hang all ten! A clean, clean, shape.

Anonymous said...

john still have not seen a pic of my rig.lets blow some minds and here the feed back.oh the towers where awesome word of caution please stay away from those coil cords.board came back at me like a rubber band. smackage in the cheek.dumped that darn thing in the trash can.steve gem rider.