Monday, November 12, 2007

Feeding the Blog: Original Content and Homegrown Photography

I'm back! The dust washed clean, the camping gear stowed and the boards racked. Check back for a full report of our Baja surf trip.

The surfing continues: Kiwi scored fun left handers while I was off dodging the Chupacabra (the "Goat Sucker"- Mexico's blood sucking Big Foot-like mystery creature). This photo and reports of fun November surf in town did spark a mild case of Greener Pasture-itis, in me. Oh, the human condition- can we ever be satisfied?
Photo: Spidey

Punta Mysteriosa wasn't exactly flat either. For the rabid stand up wave slider, fun could be had almost all day long. Usually, the smell of sizzling rib-eyes and the promise of an ice cold ration of Mexico's finest lager would do the trick for clearing the line up.
Photo: Senor Goofball

The Giapetto Report: The Santa Cruz Boardsmith continues to chip away at his all wood, hollow stand up board. The board's starting to take shape- looks like Andy's getting rib placement figured out- can planking it be that far away? Can't get enough of Giapetto's project? Be sure to check out SRFNFF's blog for thoughtful, well written reports of Andy's build.

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