Sunday, November 4, 2007

Can you keep up? Lots of New and Original Things Happening!

Lots of activity this weekend: I had a great time visiting my friends up North. I'm definitely returning to the Malibu coast. The water's beautiful- and there's some fun little olas escondidas; Malibu's definitely holding. A wise man, the Surfing Fire Fighter (check his blog here), perfectly framed it with his observation that we scored waves, "hiding in plain site". Given our proximity to at least a billion Angelenos, nine movie star palaces and one Cher, I'd have to agree.

Also in plain site were the glassy, extended play lefts peeling off here in San Diego- again, it's just a matter of getting out and looking. An interesting comparison: two different spots, two major cities- both waves relatively empty. They're out there folks- put on your walking shoes and go find 'em. Top Photo: Spidey

The Giapetto Project Update: Our favorite boardsmith, Andy G., is cranking through his hollow, all wood SUB project. Andy had his plans printed to scale and is now in the process of producing ribs for the board. And I just thought ribs were for barbecuing and marrying. Photo: Giapetto

The man and his machine; A. Gere cutting the ribs for his hollow SUB- the 11'6" Waveyarder. Photo: Giapetto


srfnff said...

Thanks for the honorable mention. You have one popular website bro. My last ten referrers are all from here...and I only get five a day!

John Ashley said...

You've got good stuff on that site - the people want to know!