Thursday, November 15, 2007

Blogs, Boards and Babes: Well, more or less

Popped into the Stamps Boardworks about a week ago to check out a couple of new stand ups Tim's got in the works, here's what I saw: A solid wood plank being carved a pass at a time with a Skill 100 planer. Now that's cool stuff! Wall hanger or not that thing's going to look cool when it's done.

Here's a couple of blogs I think are worth supporting. I support blogs with original content, people with their own creativity. My picks:

Jim Brewer up in Santa Barbara is just hatching his blog which chronicles the stand up community on that beautiful stretch of coastline. His photos are great- check out the one with the sheet glass wave- it's
driving me nuts!

Definitely check out Dwight and Jacky's NC Paddle Surf Blog, another excellent source of original content in the paddlesurf blogisphere.

A must check is the original, the first and still the most informative and eclectic: Billb's Pono House blog. The guy's funny, informed and fired up to provide useful paddlesurf information.

Middle Photo: So you think you're a shaper? Then you'd know your way around these: A couple of Skill 100s, some planes and a hand saw; tools of the trade reserved for those who've paid their dues.

Giapetto Report: Got this photo (last photo) from our intrepid NorCal boardmaker late last night. The guy's focused like a GBU Bunker Buster- laser guided none-the-less. Here's a rough fit, preliminary look at the internals of the board. Now squint your eyes, take a pull off that Bloody Mary and imagine it planked up. It's starting to look like a board. Keep us posted Giapetto!

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