Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Board Glut: 2 New Lairds

The board-fest continues: Two new Ron House shaped SurfTech Lairds.

Once again, it's all about increased surfability.
The blue striped board is an 11'0 x 27" x 4 1/4" version of the original Laird. The second board with red stripes is a 10'0 x 27" x 4 7/8" micro-Laird.

Compared to the original Laird (12'1" x 31" x 5") these boards are a big step down in size. The new boards feature really pulled and foiled tails and extremely surfy looking rails. Contrary to the opinion of many paddlers, I've always thought the big Laird was a great board. The board truly delivered a legitimate stand up paddle surf experience; it had the legs to cover miles and the neutral template to surf anything that got in its way. But at 220lbs, turning that big boy wasn't as much of challenge for me as it might be for a surfer in the 150 - 160lb range. The new Lairds may be perfect for lighter paddlers looking for a well-rounded, proven template. The small Laird looks particularly good- even to a big guy like me. I'd love to give that one a shot some time.

This photo: Check the rail line on that 11'0- and the board's relatively thin. Looks fun.

Below: A really pulled tail, much narrower then the original Laird. At 27" wide this board is a full 5" narrower then the first Laird.

Penultimate Photo: Steppin' it down another foot to 10'0. Again, at 27" wide this board was made for surfing. It's going to be interesting to check the stability on this one as I tend to like boards no less then 28.5" wide.

Last Photo: I really want to ride this one too!

See all these boards at Emerald City Surf Shop (1118 Orange Ave Coronado 619-435-6677)

All Photos: Igor Von Smiley


Anonymous said...

is kelly a plumber looks like he haS ABOUT 20 GRAND IN SUPS.STEVE

John Ashley said...

Hey Steve- Nope- not a plumber. Go to Emerald City Surf Shop and have a chat with him- he's got some sweet boards in there! Sorry to hear about your board- ouch. Email me at for that other info you wanted.

Anonymous said...

scored some cool rides at the towers.what a great morning.addicted to sup.wife will not talk to me.says things like all you do is surf.hell sticking my hands in some fecal laden toilet.I just about had it with work. just think if was 80 deg. water slight off shore 5 foot and .no kooks in sight just your bro. light feather to the surface.just trimming along making that section this section.sup rules.thanks juanero for this blog. gem. team rider.steve

John Ashley said...

Steve- either you're a plumber or you have a fixation with the plumbing arts- which one is it? And yes- I could use some 80 degree water- and while we're at it- how about some surf like yesterday!!!

Anonymous said...

been a plumber for over 20 years