Sunday, November 4, 2007

Somewhere Near Malibu: New Friends, New Waves

What a long day: Jammed up to my buddy Steve's house to drop off a birthday gift for his son (a little C4 carbon paddle- salvaged from my busted two piece) and to get Steve back into the water. Zipped over to the coast, dropped the boards in and paddled three miles down to the "spot"- had a lot of fun surfing with two cool paddlers: Trent and Rob.

Hooted Steve and the boys into a bunch of waves while I shot video on the inside. Forgot that the afternoon brings the north wind with it; the paddle seemed longer going back.

More photos to come and... a Giapetto Update!


srfnff said...

Sweeeeet! You are the MAN. That opening laugh on the soundtrack says it all eh bro'? Hiding in plain sight in Los Angeles County...who can't love that!

Ok what camera are you birthday (hate to think about it) is coming...

John Ashley said...

Ha! You got it! Totally hidden in plain site- from a million other LA surfers!

I use the brand new Sanyo Xacti waterproof camera- it retails for around 470 bucks. Now to be honest- mine broke after about 3 months of use (I really put it to the test though- Cabo, No. Mex.- stuffed in my wax pocket) and I know another guy from Cardiff who busted his too. Sanyo's fixing mine under warranty so we'll see.

When the thing was working it was sweet- I like that it records video to SD cards- just plug it in with USB and you're on. I use a Mac so everything's been super easy with making the vids. And Blogger makes it easy to upload videos too.

I'd love to see what you come up with if you start shooting- I'll be watching!

srfnff said...

I tried the movie feature on my camera today (Monday). It worked pretty well sound and all. Next step...shoot the wave and rider.

But I don't have any movie editing software. Any good recommendations that are easy to use and in free)?

John Ashley said...

Well- I don't know about free... I use the free software that came with this magic box- I only had to pay around 1000 bucks to get the free stuff though. Mash would know more about editing software then me- ask him about it, I do- all the time. And by the way, thanks for the music compliment- my wife thinks it sucks most of the time. Sheeesh.

albert said...

Nice video post. What is the music in the background? Ahhh the mystery spot. Any hints? Probably only SUPers would every show up. Also, is the wild yellow board yours? I trapped in a boring white SUP and am looking for colour. THANKS.

John Ashley said...

Hey Albert-

Yep that green and yellow board is mine- but that's not me surfing it that's my friend Steve.

That music is a song by the Gorillaz I can't remember the name of it. And the spot is south of Zeros- just start paddling, you'll find it!

Good luck and keep me posted about your search. As far as looking for a new board, there's only one guy to go to for a new SUP, Tim Stamps. tell him john sent ya!