Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Baja Dreaming: Seems like it's a million miles away

You ever been here before? Wondering how you'll ever get it all done? How am I going to mow through this pile of little aggravations laid out in front of me so I can just get out of here? Baja may as well be a million miles away.

Three more days. It'll get done; I'll take care of business and find time to pull together the Baja kit. The cooler will get hosed out (the big white one- marine grade, guaranteed to put a three day chill on a Mexican beer box), the grub bag stuffed (only the essentials: canned tamales -a la Kem Nunn, some chili con carnage for the hotdogs, a round of peanut butter and a brick of Bimbo- world's only mold resistant bread- stuffed into my old blackened boiler, the perfect pot for a cup of tar thick cowboy coffee, cap it with the Hornitos and you're done- a week's provisions), the AstroTurf will get a shake out and the snails evicted from my brown poly tarp (got to sleep under something). Shoot, suddenly I'm feeling optimistic. This is do-able!

Put a Baja surftrip on your "must do" list. You may not score the best waves of your life (then again, you may...) but sitting in that Baja desert, watching satellites zip around while laughing it up with your best buddies makes you realize that it's more about friends then waves. That Hornitos will get you Baja dreaming- you melt into your aluminum lawn chair... you're a million miles away.


srfnff said...

Mash and I talked about his very thing this morning after I tried to kill him (negligent manslaughter not homicide). Where do we sign up?

John Ashley said...

I'd love to take you sometime! It's all down there- just waiting and breaking, usually with nobody around to see it!