Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Get Up, Stand Up (Paddle): Doing something for our Oceans

Go check out Tom Jones': website
go to the gallery section and have a look at some of the photos there. You'll probably linger on the photo of the turtle, that image was a gut punch to me- I'm betting you'll feel the same. You might even be moved to do something about it- Tom Jones is hoping you will.

San Diego and South Bay Paddlers: Tom's epic state-long paddle will wrap up this Sunday at the Mexican Border- why not jump in the water and show your support by paddling along?

Here's Tom and WildCoast Director Serge Dedina. I can't think of an organization that does more for our immediate coastal resources then WildCoast. Take a look a their website www.wildcoast.net, it may be an eye opener for you. For example: Did you know that your days of surf camping in the shady olive groves of Salsipuedes were over? Click through and learn about the destruction of some of the most pristine coastline in Baja. And then find out what is being done about it. It may be your turn to stand up for something.

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