Friday, November 9, 2007

That's it! I'm out of here.

Hitting the road tomorrow at 6 a.m., we should make the point by 9 or so. Who cares. I made it.

We're not really expecting any major surf, we just missed this last big south- I bet it was firing down there. We'll do some coast exploring on the paddle boards and work on decompressing.

I'll shoot some photos and write it all up once I'm back- look for another post sometime around Monday night or so. My video camera is still at Sanyo's fix-it shop; who knows when it'll be back.

'Til then... get out, get paddling and get smiling- you're only passing this way once!

Top and Bottom Photos: Wish it were still here!

All Photos: Spidey


Gregoire said...

this is an old post !!! i have been reading the same thing all weekend! get to it john! update >>>>
gregoire "tex"

John Ashley said...

Sorry- I was doing some serious R and D down in Baja- in between going to the cooler, and doing some stand up wave sliding- I was unable to report on what was happening down here. But it was fun and it was dirty... dirty dirty not that kind of dirty you sicko.