Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kore Dry Shirts: No I'm not going to model one!

Uh no, I'm not going to model one for you guys.

A couple of reasons:

1. I'm best viewed when heavily photoshopped or on blurry YouTube videos.
2. I prefer to be relatively anonymous- don't want the paparazzi going all Britney on me!

And if you've been looking for the shirt, here's the correct link. Lori at BRG told me that the manufacturer recently changed the name from Stay Dry to Kore Dry, same shirt- different name. If you're still confused drop them an email- they're super nice people who know their business.

Oh yeah, if you do order one, type "paddlesurf" in the coupon code and you'll get 10% off the shirt. Sweet.

Sanyo X-Acti Review: If you've been following along you know that I've been shooting and filming with a Sanyo X-Acti waterproof video camera. You also know that this is my second one- the first one's screen died unexpectedly. That camera was replaced by a very helpful Sanyo warranty department but, alas, the second one has also died. Unexpectedly as well- in a puff of smoke. I'm not the only one, I've heard of others experiencing problems with the camera.

At close to five hundred dollars a unit I would've expected the camera to last longer than it did (first one six months, second one three months). Therefore, I cannot recommend this camera. I'm not going to even pursue a replacement- Sanyo will only repair it if I pay for the parts. If the camera had lasted a couple of years I might consider it but given the life expectancy of this product, it'd just be a waste of money.

By the way: If you dream of true Baja surf adventure check out what these guys pulled off- I'm 99 percent sure I know the spot- let's leave it unnamed. Really, really cool stuff. I found this on the Mule Transport Systems site- check it out.


Anonymous said...

er ah um you seem to have a problem w/ that link. could you try again? thanks!

also: how big (or small) are you, what size shirt didja get, and how's it fit?


John Ashley said...

Try it now! I'm five ten, 235lbs I got an XL- my next one is going to be XXL for a looser fit. In T-shirts I typically wear an XL, with the Kore Dry/Stay Dry shirt the XL was still loose- I just think they run a little small.


Anonymous said...

thanks, john. unfortunately, it seems they don't have any of them in stock in XL, of any color, short sleeve or long. seems to me they must be having some get-going issues, what with the change of product names, out of date web pages, and no stock in what's probably the most popular size.

Chad said...

s up with the camera? Are they going to replace it a second time?