Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Take 'em Everywhere!

Check out this spot: Clear green water, mini-grom running wild on an open beach- sign me up!

This photo got me fired up for a trip I'm taking this summer. I'm loading up the boards, kites, bikes and the travel trailer and heading up the coast. I'm going to run the whole thing from the southern border up to the Columbia River.

Undoubtedly, I want to hit some surf spots along the way but really I'm looking for something a little bit different this trip. I want to find the sweetest flatwater paddles in the California-Oregon region. Got any suggestions? I'm already set on running up to Hood River and then over to Bend. I want to paddle some of the Cascade Lakes and hook up with the paddlers up in that part of the country. The water looks flat, fast and blue- I'm stoked for it!

Like I said, sign me up, I'm ready for some inland adventure!

Speaking of flatwater: We're fielding a "team" for the Hennessey's River Run- yep, me and my crew are going to stink it up- we may not be fast, we may not be fit but we're going to be there- are you? Are you ready for this race: It's an 18 mile open river, down current run. Whooo Hooo bring it on!


Gregoire said...

speaking of blue crazy water i just finished a little session on the north shore with the legendary John Amundson. Tried out a couple of his boards..... pretty sick!!! The rails are insane! looks like the rails of a longboard. It looks like there is no fricking way guys like us could enven stand on those things. well wrong!!!! super fun.
i ll send you a few pictures when i get a chance. I so wished I had the same camera you have, so i could have some pictures of the whales who were out in numbers out in the blue water.


John Ashley said...

Are you kidding me!!! I'm gonna want a full report- and photos.

Should be nice this weekend- get over here!

Anonymous said...

Where is that at? My family is up in Oregon...Chad and I are up there ALL the time! Maybe we will join you at some of the spots this summer!

Anonymous said...

john sign me up. i think i can go 4 miles.captneg9.the non manny surfer.