Friday, April 25, 2008

Squeaked out- now let's see if I can figure this thing out.

I beat the punch on this one. Squeezed out the backdoor, Shaun Tomson-style. I was still in the hunt so I prowled around 'til I found what I was looking for: Olympus 1030sw for the low, low price of $450 bucks at the neighborhood Circuit City.

But wait, didn't I just see that same camera for sale for $399 from the same Circuit City if I purchased it online and drove over to the store to pick it up? Yep, and that's what I did- ordered it right from my desk (and utilized a coupon they posted for an additional %10 off the price) and hoofed it over to the big box to pick it up.

But it gets better, I also asked them if I was eligible for the free xD card "with purchase of an Olympus camera" and, guess what, I was- so a nice 2gb xD card came home as well.

Out the door, tax and all with the memory card... $399. Not too bad. Not clean, not stylish but safely out on the flats and cruising over the shoulder- I'll take it.

On Another Note: Here's why you always wear your seatbelt in Baja- note the cracked windshield where face impacted glass. More on this later. Don't worry- all survived...

Off on a little paddle trip up the coast (and then back down it...)!


Anonymous said...

was steve fuller in that truck.he rolled some guys truck in baja last week on the way to scorpian bay.he was driving blamed on the passenger for not loading the load properly.always wear the belt thats why there in the car.didnt you read the plans.captneg9spork.

Chad said...

Bro is that Russ' place? What happened? Who head planted in the windshield?

John Ashley said...

Yep Russ's place and Russ's face in the windshield. All were okay. Wear your strap... er, seatbelt.