Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Cruising: A Couple More Photos

Top Photo: Kiwi heading south. Never know what you'll find unless you get out and look around.

Middle Photo: Extraction Point. Doing point-to-point surf cruises takes a little bit more planning... and two vehicles. The rewards however make the hassle worthwhile and as the number of paddlers grows, the paddle-through option will become more and more popular.

Last Photo: The beers taste a lot better after a long day of paddling and kitesurfing, especially when you've scored a campsite right on the beach.


Anonymous said...

john: how do you like your new 1030sw? i know a *reputable* etailer where i can get one for 327 and i'm seriously thinking about pulling the trigger. or maybe i should wait for the next generation? or look at the pentax? what do you think of yours so far?

John Ashley said...

I like it! So far that is... I'm going to post a little review in about five minutes.