Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday's Sneak South Swell: Check the Video

This one caught us all by surprise- we thought it'd be about shin high and gutless. It turned out to be a pretty fun time... Check it out!


srfnff said...

You guys get ALL the good south swells. Some nice racy lines for ya too. And all this with Toots and the Maytalls...what a day!

Anonymous said...

john sure are fancy with that paddle.think you should be on a.b.c. dancing with the stars.can the grom come to chula and wash my work trucks?captneg.9spork

Anonymous said...

Senor Spork:

I'm all a twirly, like the chick at the front of the marching band... the twirly girl. That's me.

Grom don't wash only video. Which by the way, had a lot of Neg9 in it- what's up with that?

Where's the ten-oh are you getting the, "No fibergrass for you round eye" treatment from the Dragon Lady?

Anonymous said...

five bucks goes a long way for a teen .please no neg commets about my glasser shes the best lamenator in sd. and the sander watch out.these people truly care about the work they put out.oh went to the shop on thursday just to show my face and to get things rolling.she says next week done in 7 days.takes days to glass epoxy. one side per day.also that f en thing is you got 10 6 0s and you got 1 10'0 gem stand up what board do you think is getting glassed the pay the rent board or the hardest glass job your going to do the rest of the year.check out captneg9.