Monday, April 14, 2008

Product Review: Kore Dry Shirt

As you can tell from my last two posts, the weather this weekend was just about as good as it gets. So good, in fact, that I sucked it up and decided I'd trunk it for Saturday's morning session. I was also really curious to try out the Kore Dry Shirt that the folks at sent to me for review.

I was surprised to find a black colored shirt when I pulled it out of the UPS envelope. I hadn't specified a color (heck I hadn't even ordered it- it was just one of those cool surprises that sometime show up at the command center) but I'd figured a UV protective paddle shirt (SPF 150+) would've definitely been a sun reflective white.

Another surprise was the loose fit- this is not your run of the mill rash guard. The Kore Dry is designed to fit loosely to facilitate air movement and breath-ability. I liked the loose fit, it was comfortable and it didn't hinder the paddling motion. In two hours of paddling I didn't experience any hot spots or chaffing.

I realized why a black shirt was a good idea when I paddled out in just trunks and shirt. The black, long sleeved shirt soaked up energy from the sun and provided a nice bit of warmth. It was just enough to take the edge off of a cool morning surf session. It's the perfect transition piece between paddling jacket and bare backing it completely. The fabric is designed so that the fibers remain dry at their core and continue to provide insulation even when wet. If splashed, the water beads up like mercury droplets and rolls right off the thing. When I did fall in, the shirt dried quickly and didn't seem to suck the heat right out of me like a clingy, lycra rash guard. I can vouch for the insulating effect of the shirt it kept me going when everybody else was in full suit mode. Granted, I wasn't warm and toasty- but I wasn't shivering either.

This is a product that I can recommend. The shirt is well made and doesn't bind, constrict or cling during paddling (I also used it for a couple of hours of kitesurfing- it worked great). If you're going to use it in temperate climates, such as California, I'd recommend the black Kore Dry- if you're doing big runs in full sunshine or are paddling in tropical areas, go with the white shirt. I'm paddling in the 18-Mile Hennessey's River Run in early May- I'm hoping another surprise finds its way to my doorstep- this time in white.

Check out Kore Dry shirts at

Also, check out the last two video clips to see me surfing in the Kore Dry long sleeve black shirt- yeee haw!


Anonymous said...

john: thanks for the report; i'm definitely going to get me one or two of those: my physique simply does not lend itself to skin-clinging bulging-gut-showing lycra-spandex blends of any sort.

Anonymous said...

btw/ i see a "stay dry" t-shirt at the site but not a "kore dry". i wonder if it's a new item that hasn't made it onto the site. btw/ these things are expensive!

Michael Ashley said...

I went to their web site to buy one but I couldn't find the same one you reviewed. Maybe you can ask them for the exact URL for that shirt so we can click right through. Great review, thanks for doing the tough work for us!

Andy Gere said...

The Kore Dry Shirt looks cool, but c'mon, how about modeling it instead of hanging it on some random bush! Kidding aside, I looked on the website, but wasn't sure I found the product you showed on the blog.

John Ashley said...

Hey All: I put up the correct link- if you do order one be sure to type in paddlesurf for the coupon code and they'll take off ten percent.

As far as me modeling one... have you ever seen me in real life- you wouldn't want to see me in film!

I'm working on getting a SI swimsuit model to wear one for you guys... keep checking back.

Chad said...

That shirt sounds nice. Most loose fitting rash guards tend to rub you raw. It's good to know there is a quality product that is loose fitting and not rough on the skin. I can't wait to try one out. I am going to order one for sure. The best part is the 150 spf, can't beat that!

Rash Guard Girl said...

Cruising your site and came across our product review - hope you're still digging the KoreDry shirt!

Just to clarify - the KoreDry is the same as the StayDry. When these shirts first came out they were called StayDry shirts, then the manufacturer changed it to KoreDry - we just had so many people who knew them as StayDry that we've used both names - but they ARE ALL KoreDry.

Now that that's settled we've got a new offer for your readers: 10% off on the purchase of any rash guards or KoreDry shirts if you use coupon code paddlesurf when you checkout, (AFTER you add the shirts to your basket you'll see the coupon code box).

We also offer free shipping on orders of $75 or more, so you can save some serious cash. :-)