Sunday, December 21, 2008

Got a Go Pro for Mexico... Check out the Mods!

I walked into my local surf shop just wanting some wax... next thing I know I'm face to face with one of the those nifty Go Pro Wide Surf Cams we've been seeing so much of lately.

Believe me, the marketing hit squad has the surfer mind all figured out. The packaging for the camera is beautiful and with all that flash, color and action, simple minds like ours are in real trouble. We're like predatory fish, we just react; like a largemouth to a spinner bait, I practically inhaled that thing right up and into my greedy little paws!

Photo: Flashy packaging, cool camera!

Ever since I've seen some of the footage from these wide angle cameras, I've wanted to try some different angles. The pointing-back-at-the-surfer angle never did much for me, you get a look at what the guy's doing. What you don't see is how the waves unraveling in front of him. It's not really a surfer's eye view. Not to say that I'm not going to give that angle a shot, it's just that what I really want is a point of view shot that lets you see down the line. Here's the angle I'm interested in:

So my idea was to mount the camera
as far back onto my board as possible, hoping that the 170 degree wide angle would be able to catch me and the wave in front of me. To do that I'd need two mounts.

The problem is that the Go Pro Camera Kit only comes with one glue on mount and an FCS plug mount (whoa, I just had a flash of inspiration, how cool would it be to mount the camera upside down, underwater, while you're riding a wave?). Since I'm leaving for southern Baja in two days I would only be able to use the adhesive mount and that leaves me one mount short.

Check back for more about this mod!

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