Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Big Chad Report: Surprise!

Editor's Note: Remember Big Chad? Every so often my buddy Big Chad will score some ridiculously good surf- or come across a hot board and next thing you know he's all fired up to post it up. Of course, his stoke just pushes me over the edge and I'm always happy to get a fresh perspective on ol' So here's Big Chad's latest report... and from the looks of it- he killed it out there!

Ever had one of those sessions where you thought you were just paddling out to get wet, hoping to just catch a few, but not really expecting anything special. That is exactly what I had today. Sure there were some gnarly looking fast paced barrels breaking right out front, but I wasn't feeling like they were makeable on my paddle board. I chose to move down the beach and try my luck with a fun but usually mushy break. What I found was wonderful. Instead of it's usual mushy self I found a walled up, peeling left that made my heart pound! So much fun, if you were out there somewhere I am sure you know what I am talking about.

Typical in between sets wave.

Plenty of wave to do full top and bottom turns!


Nothing like having a view between sets!


Anonymous said...

dude mr.ashley those waves are straight gnarley. do you mind if i could come out with you in the morning and tred some waves broskies?

Anonymous said...

john the waves where awsome missed you down there captneg9.freshy coming.

Anonymous said...

chad we scored.captneg9.oh it got better right when you got worked on a 1 notch 6wave set right at dark.