Monday, January 12, 2009

Confessions of a Paddle Cam Junky: Some observations.

Half the battle is admitting you've got a problem. Here's a few observation from a Go Pro Junky:

1. You surf differently when you've got a camera on the paddle. Instead of cranking turns around a planted blade, you start nursing 'em so you don't splash the housing and screw up the shot.

2. Unmakeable tube over a broken razor blade reef studded with protruding rebar sections? Sounds good! Cutbacks around undetonated explosive ordinance? Let's do it! Paddle surfing in a bacon suit in the Red Triangle? I'm an XLS! You get the feeling that you're going to do some dumb things once the conditions get heavy... all in the name of getting the shot.

3. Your sessions start getting anorexic. Instead of a four hour go-out, an hour seems pretty good. After all, how hot is that little tube section going to look? With these babies, instant gratification is just a hard drive away.

4. You think your footage looks cool, even if, to everyone else, it looks like your pole dancing... in a wetsuit.

5. You've gone from down the line flow master to straight line kook all while holding your paddle straight up over your head like Bruce Jenner charging the pole vault.

6. No matter how hard you rip, 990 of those 1000 stills will capture you with a stupid look on your face.

7. Yes, that wetsuit does make you look fat.

8. You realize that you've sold your soul- you photo slut.

Free Stuff: I made a couple of extra DVD copies of the Go Pro clips I shot this weekend- the DVDs also have six other older clips from this blog on them. If you've got a shop and want to have some pretty nice Go Pro footage for prospective customers or some stand up paddle video to play for laughs, send me an email and I'll mail one to you. First five who respond will get DVDs. If they suck bad remember that they do make super cool danglies for your rear view mirror!


Anonymous said...

brah, I totally know these feelings. every time I come home I shoot straight for the computer to download my pictures/videos. every good shot I have of a big floater or lip-bash, I always seem to have a "first time in strip club" look on my face. hate it!

John Ashley said...

Ahhh- somebody to share my pain (or shame)! Hey, I want to see your clips sometime- I bet you got some sweet ones rippin' on the 9'6"...wait 'til you see what I'm editing up next.

"first time in a strip club" look... you're cracking me up Sheldon.

Oh by the way, how cool would one of these cams be mounted on the back of a bodyboarder at some sucking out slab?