Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Stuff: Down the Line II Video, La Paz SUP Race, More Tahoe Madness

Great to be home again. I've got lots of new stuff and some unfinished business to take care of but to tell you the truth... I'm dead tired! Here's what's coming up this week:

1st: Check out the video clip I'm posting today. Down the Line II Rough Cut- I added some new footage from this last swell- some good stuff. Things to see include, Matt Wilson surfing in front of me- jiving and weaving inches from my rail and be sure to pause the clip at 2:17 that's a shot from inside of the wave looking at me in the pocket of the barrel- super cool!

Find more videos like this on Stand Up Paddle Surfing

2nd: The La Ventana Kite Festival's 1st Annual Stand Up Paddle Race was super fun this weekend- perfect race conditions and a really fun and fired up group of racers made for a excellent morning of racing. Check back for photos, a video clip and the full results.

3rd: Tahoe Masochist Tour Part II coming at you in the next couple of days- the pain continues!


Anonymous said...

Yo John,
Your getting that Go Pro super wired.
I want to maybe incorporate some footage of the racing, some advise would be awesome. If your around this weekend and surf isn't all that ,come check out the Hano Hano race at Bonita Cove in Mission Bay. Starts 9:00 am Registration 8:00am
Also hows that JBS ply paddle doing for you? Waiting for that write up.

Thanks E.J JBS Paddles

Test said...

Awesome video, with a nice&fresh perspective. It's easy to feel the surfing sensation

Anonymous said...

hey that's a pretty awsome rough cut the waves were nice this morning but it sucks I lost my watch 2 minutes into the water oh well see you tomm. morning hopefully

John Ashley said...

Hey EJ! Yep, been messing with it quite a bit. Let me know what if you have any questions I'm always happy to help!

John Ashley said...

Hey Carles-

Stoked you like the vid clip- I'm just trying to keep it from being too repetitive and I want people to get a feeling for what it's like to cruise down the line- super fun playing with this camera.

Thanks for the nice words!

John Ashley said...

Shoot Gabe- sorry to hear about the watch- I just picked a new one up for about thirty bucks- go cheap with these things... that leaves more money for paddle cams!!!!!

Anonymous said...


THE PADDLE CAM IS SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Ashley said...

Hey Pilgy-

Next time we're out, I'm handing it to you!

See you in the water!