Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blowout Sale: Emerald City in Coronado... + Sneak Peek Stamps Production 9'6"... I'm on it tomorrow!

Get over there... tons of good stuff going out the door for CHEAP!!! Kelly and crew are getting set to remodel the place and the less they have to move, the better- so it's pretty much all for sale!

Check this killer little board out:
9'6" Stamps production shape, light and clean looking. I'm getting it out tomorrow. More photos to come.


Capt Ron said...

Awesome posts lately... Thats funny about the Stamps 9'6" I just built 3 of those almost exact shape round tail with a wing kind of a thicker rail for the stock rack in the stores. I am almost finished with my wifes 9'6" round tail nose rider with pink hibiscus flowers like she wanted. Aparently she does not want me riding it.
I have been doing some testing with different cloths and layup schedules both hand and vacuum bagging and it is looking like my boards are tougher than a surftech and 1/2 the weight. I just hit a test piece this morning with a sledge hammer and the only thing that happened to the test piece is the hammer left a rust spot on it.
If you want have Tim Stamps email me and I will turn him on to a unreal eastcoast cloth supplier and they have free shipping. He may have the info already but ifnot. I will also give him a heads up on what I have found that works unreal. Its time to take back from china what they have taken from us with real american craftsman made products.
We had a good swell for over 10 days or so I am so beat up and sore its only head high this morning on sets and I am not in the mood to surf and I need more pain medicine. If this keeps up over here we will get spoiled like you guys out west.
Peace and good waves to all,
Capt Ron

John Ashley said...

Super cool Ron! Can't wait to see some of those boards.

I just got a good session in on the 9'6" and... it's where I want to go with my next board. The winged round tail is super positive in the big, fast stuff and is nice and loose off the top.

Hah! Funny about the flowers- I've been run that route before... "this is MY board!".

Go get 'em!