Tuesday, November 17, 2009

From the road: Catalina Island has got paddlers!

Howdy all!

I'm on a three day field trip out to Catalina Island with my marine biology class. This place is meant to be paddled! The water is beautiful, we've got a high pressure bubble keeping things nice and toasty- and super glassy. The way things are now, if there's beautiful water, there's bound to be a couple of stand up paddlers working it over. It turns out that there's a couple of stand up paddlers exploring the waters down here at Catalina's west end :

Check out what I found: Peeking around down at the dive locker, I spy the bow of what looks like a flat water race board.

It turns out that Miah here is into stand up paddling!

Look what's in the corner of the locker... hmm... just my size too!

Miah's board is stashed in the rafters about twenty feet from the water. I wonder how that thing paddles?

Shoot, might as well give it a test drive... thanks Miah!

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