Friday, November 27, 2009

Kelly's Custom C4 Bombora Chaser: "Now you have no excuses..."

That's a heavy statement. The point being, if you order one of these, you're basically threading up some meaty zapatos; better be ready to fill 'em. No excuses. I'll probably pass.

Photo: Looking north.

Photo: Looking south. See that little contrail lining the face of the wave way out the back? That's a guy redlining it on the left hander.

Photo: The right looked a bit more manageable, at least there was a semi-channel.

Photo: Before the fog blanket swamped the place, I got a couple of shots of Kelly riding the Bombie chaser through to the inside.

Photo: For a 10'10" it turns pretty good.

Photo: Swoopin' and carvin', a great way to work off a couple of pounds of turkey and pie.

Photo: Even the meanest gun starts off as a humble piece of foam, basically a sculpted styro coffee cup.

Photo: There's only one reason you need two leash plugs.

Photo: Paddle fast, get in early, make sections and pull out. Live to surf another day. Sounds pretty straightforward to me.

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