Thursday, November 19, 2009

Some Lumps Coming Through!

Super fun day of surf today- much bigger than I thought it would be (and really cold on the beach at sunrise!). Check out these lumps:

This big sailboat came bombing in full steam right into the lineup. I saw it from up the beach and bolted for the end of the road- I thought I was going to witness a full train wreck. The lifeguards zoomed out on the PWC to warn them out of there- they probably had no idea what the clean up sets looked like. I think they were just going for a surf check. More photos of this spot here.

Morbidly, I was bummed when they turned the thing around and got themselves safely out of there. It was a cool yacht, though. I was digging the rig- I think they call that "cat rigged", am I wrong here?

Hoo, land of lefts!

And another...

Got one!

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