Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I even snagged a few... Thanks!

Monday was great. The day went well for me: 6am - 10am, stando surf with Sean Poynter, Wally, Manny V, Kevs and Pat- northside then southside. 11am, Cays Club Sandwich, Pacifico and Nap. 3pm, back out there for some low tide mackers at the Rivermouth.... cranking! 6pm, Rutherford Ranch '07 Cabernet, a good friend, my backyard in the cool of the evening... perfect! Here's a few shots:

Photo: Fun in the sun- actually this was a tough day for stand up paddling, especially if you were a goofy foot. The west swell was pushing more rights than lefts and it was sucking out and pitching- tough on a big ol' 9'0 stando... but still fun. All Photos:

Photo: Like I said, lots of rights. This one came from way out the back- I was really scratching to try to catch it- all the while listening to Poyntee and Manny whistling and yelling at me to go... pier/peer pressure.

Photo: I did manage to push it over the edge- but, man, it got steep right there and at that point everything was kind of moving in a blur.... I knew I couldn't hold it together. 

Photo: And once that little kernel of doubt gets into your mind, it's just a matter of time before it comes to fruition. Like now.

Photo: Here's what I learned from this wave: When the water photographer tells you to pull in... you better do it! Sorry Manny- you know how I am! 

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