Monday, September 27, 2010

Well, the surf was KINDA good today.... hope you scored, I did.

Some good surf in California today... hot, sunny, GNARLY. Check it out:

Photo: Just down the street... below sea level and ready to snap your neck, your board and your desire to surf.

Photo: Who da guy? 

More photos to come- but not too soon because I'm chasing these next couple of swells up the coast. Santa Barbara Part I... here I come. Hide your beer and your women (just kidding about the women).


kevin said...

yeeewww !! ripping waves today i love the wipeout seshy on that righthander braa hahah..... post my pics!:)

Jeff Wallis said...

Dude, That "EMPTY" barrel is just straight "SICK"!!!!!!!!

Was that after the morning session at Date St. just a wee bit south?

Dave looks good and a Fo' Sho Rippa!