Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sneak Peak: New Custom Rusty 9'0 Stando... made for ripping!

Hot out of the shape room. Check out Kelly's new custom Rusty:

Photo: How clean is this thing. I'm going to guess at the numbers here (since I journalistically kooked it and forgot to write them down). 9'0 x 29" x 3.75", Kelly how'd I do? Up close the board is feather light and looks rippable. 

Photo: Three fin set up. We've given the quads a fair shake and we just can't seem to dig 'em. What we do dig are these fins- the do-it-all Gerry Lopez Future Fins.... and in blue.... sick!

Photo: Kelly cuts in a deck patch like this on most of his boards- stops the foot from sliding off when you step back to.... Shnaaap! Right? On my next one for sure... oops, did I say, "next one"? Yep, there's a board in my future but... shhhhh.

Photo: The man, the myth.... the van. How's that PSH 9'3 in the background? Look for a full ride report on that board when I get an effing second to breathe around here.... super busy in the last two weeks!


Anonymous said...

Love the rails in the rear third of the board... for me, a key for speed in the steeps...

So sharp they could cut off your finger!


Unknown said...

The numbers are actually 9-0 x 29 x4. Yes R. puts a sharp edge on there and all of his boards have been quite fast. This one throws some tight quick turns. Combined with a decent bit of rocker, it is just what was needed to work in our tight quick beachbreak. Looking forward to some better waves on it!

John Ashley said...

Should be some surf this weekend and tides look good in the morning.... gonna try to get the Grom down to video tape.