Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A few waves from Florida.

Editor's Note: Just when I think things are getting kind of stale around here- I'll check the site and bam! Capt. Ron strikes again. Be sure to check out the video clip at the bottom. And... Capt. we're going to need the stats on that creation that your slashing all over the place. 

A few frame grabs from the go pro hd.

The importance of a well placed arch and tail kick pad...


Capt Ron said...

Ahhh.. The magical 9'3"x29.75"x 4.675". This board was an experiment that marks me breaking away from traditional surfboard design, it works unlike any SUP me or anyone who has rode it. Everyone says the same thing it is super fast and as loose as a 5'10" fish prone board. I have a couple of vids somewhere in the 100's I have taken of me pulling a few airs on it. I do not ride all that complicated fad bottom contours and crap, KISS= keep it simple stupid, not that concaves, channels and stuff do not work it always seems to act up on you at a critical moment and with the wierd angles I have going on now a days I need a realy predictable board so Basically I ride a deep nose concave with forward vee going into flat smooth easy transition into deep vee from the middle off the tail. My rockers are pretty sick also I ride 11.5" in the nose and 4.5 in the tail and a Quad fin ofcourse. I love this board and everyone who has tried tries to buy it from me. I based all the 10 series off of it.
It sucks the GoPro does not show the size of the surf the footage was from Hurricane Earl and it was head high and bigger but looks like I am riding boat wake. DOH!

John Ashley said...

Rad- that thing sounds fun. I just ordered a smaller board (what- can't believe I'm still coming down in size) this one's going to be 8'6 x 30 x 4.25".

I rode a version of it and it BLEW my mind- so I went all in. Stoked!

Capt Ron said...

Sweet getting below the 9' barrier. I would go thicker like 5" or even 5.25" if you do that it will become your daily driver, otherwise it will be soley a glassy more perfect condition goto board. Do not be afraid of putting some volume in there you and I have enough uhmm personal volume to throw a shorter board around. Can't wait to see the new board.

My new 8'10 is coming out in this weeks batch this is replacing my 9'3" I glassed it light, hoping finished wieght is around 11-13lbs.Stoked suposed to have another hurricane soon.