Friday, September 3, 2010

Love is...

 Love is...

1. replacing your leash string before it breaks.
2. scraping the grubby, black, hair imbedded wax off the nose and reapplying some fresh coconut scented Sex Wax.
3. not using duct tape as ding repair.
4. perfecting your stroke to preserve your rail.

Photo: Ahhh.... new love- everything is rainbows, unicorns and gummi bears.

5. And if your stroke is still a wobbly mess, love is cleaning off the black marks with a scrubby.
6. keeping the deck down in the sun.
7. high quality, fiberglass fins preferably in smoke or clear (or blue or green if on the G-Lo's).
8. keeping that UV sensitive epoxy skin out of the sun.
9. professional ding repair.
10. thanking your sweet heart for helping you out when that arc comes through a little tighter, that section is a little speedier or that reef a little sharper.

To my little 9'1" girlfriend... I love you. 


Anonymous said...

Thats fucking beautiful...We may be dating the same girl.....LOL

John Ashley said...

Probably- these little hot chicks are all the same- heartbreak waiting to happen.