Thursday, June 30, 2011

Full Froth! Strand Leper's New Sub 8'6 quiver of Imagine Wave Weapons

I feed off of excitement and whenever I hear from my old buddy, The Leper- I know I'm going to get my full froth dose for the night. Check out the quiver this guy is on right now- talk about paring it down to the bare minimum... The Lep and Corran of Imagine have been whittling away at it:

This is one of the Lep's bread 'n butter boards: 7'9 x 27 x 3. I love how the paddle is almost as long as the board... so rad to see where some are taking board design. I don't think there's enough volume in that to float a 207lber like me but for the person this board is built for (Lep) I'm sure it fits like a glove.
This is the Lep's "big board" all of 8'3" x 27 x 3.4- and looking good. Almost as good as Strand's Frenchy, Maximus... who frickin' owns that place! One thing I know to be true, the closer you can get a stand up board to looking like a surfboard, the better it's going to surf. This one looks surfy! This is what's cool about custom boards and working with a shaper, you can ratchet down your dimensions until you get exactly the feel you're looking for out of a board.
And if you really haven't dropped it down in size enough there's always the 7'9 x 26!!! I honestly don't think I'd be able to stand on something that narrow and small. I do remember hopping on one of C4's first really small stand up boards- I jumped on it and pushed it to the mud below. Point being- scale is important. One guy's small stando is another guy's surfboard- don't get caught in the hype, find a board that is built specifically for you and your dimensions.


Anonymous said...

good old Leper-always tweaking and tuning-Corran should be paying him for feedback!

Steve de Brun said...

John, can you hook us up with some links? These boards look tiiiight.