Monday, April 21, 2008

Check it Out: Stamps 9'0 x 28 3/4 x 4 1/4 For Sale

If you're looking to move down in size from your 12' starter SUB check this board out. It's the one I'd buy if I had an extra $1100 bucks on me- this thing is effing hot. Actually, I'm holding at 235 lbs so I might go a little bigger but for someone who's in the 175 - 215 range this board would be perfect.

A couple of things: I like the round tails on these boards- I'm finding that with the increased tail width, the round tail provides the best compromise between stability and bite. With the round tail you can bring the board all the way down into the flats, push it over and it'll hold- or you can pump a quick mid-face turn to clear a section and the board will squirt (you can see me doing both of these turns on the same wave in the last two videos posted- the Mahi 2 has a round tail and I'm stoked on it).

The curves of the tail basically fit anywhere on the wave- you may not get the kick in the ass punch of a square or diamond tail but you make it up in versatility and flow... at least that's how I see it. Secondly, I'm sold on hand-made boards - I'll never go back to a molded board. The handmade boards feel like surfboards- try one you'll instantly notice the difference.

The board is used but in perfect condition- the deck in front of the pad has been sprayed with Hula Deck so you'll never have to wax it. It's got a sanded finish so it's light- I really like this board- snag it or I will and then I'll have some serious explaining to do! Contact Tim Stamps to buy this board.


Better Yet: Drive on up to the Stamps Board Works, meet Cowboy, talk stand up boards and order up a new one- go on, you know you deserve it.


Michael Ashley said...

That board needs to be put to the test on some NorCal waves!

srfnff said...

Ditto! I wish it was closer, I'd definitely volunteer to give it a go. Sweet lookin' board...

John Ashley said...

Who's going to grab it???

Anonymous said...

going to see stamps is worth it just for the opportunity to meet cowboy. love that dog!

John Ashley said...

Everybody knows Cowboy's the brains behind the operation.

He's Tony Montana, Stamps is Manny Ribera... you know who's calling the shots. You know who the kingpin really is.

Surfboards? Yeah right. It's a front.

Next time you see Cowboy just say one word... cartel.

See how that goes down.

Anonymous said...

Michael Ashley - If you looked on a map you could see that "NorCal" starts way beyond the "gate"/ You are in Central California. Charge those monster "Pleasures"