Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mainland Mexico Again: The Points of Vallarta!

If it takes a boat to get to a surf spot- it's usually going to be good.

It was super cool of Tim from the Stand Up Zone to send me some photos from his last trip down to Puerto Vallarta. I love the submitted photos.It's like Christmas when I check my email account ( and find goodies from you guys out there. I especially like the homegrown shots- the, "This is a shot of my local break" snapshots that show us your wave in its best or baddest moods. Trip photos, paddles down the river, across the bay or bass fishin' in some farmer's pond- it's all good to me!

I'm hoping that Tim will fill out the lengthy questionaire that I sent him about his trip down Vallarta-way. I wouldn't mind getting the full scoop on what it took to crack that areas stand up paddle nut- and I'm betting that you'd be interested too! How's that for pressure my man?

Photo above: Setting up for a nice bottom turn at a point populated with friends.... sweet!

Stand up paddle lessons in San Diego! We're still at it teaching people from all over the United States how to stand up paddle surf here in San Diego. This sounds ridiculous but if you know California then you know that Fall is the peak of the summer season and it's a great time to hop on a SUP and learn how to paddle surf.

We specialize in private lessons- you can be sure that you'll leave with stand up paddlesurf skills that you can take home with you anywhere you live- on any type of water. Give us a call 619.213.6622 or email us at and we'll put you on the water today!


Anonymous said...

there must be about 15 breaks between north vallarta to punta mita.all waiting for the boat to show up and the stand up guys getting all the waves.surfed the shores today.what a drop dead gorgeous day clear water sting rays by the dozen bait fish seals dolphins flying birds hot sun warm water fudge i love south bay san diego .go bolts. captneg9.w

John Ashley said...

How was the surf?

Scored on Sunday- super fun.

Heard there's more and more Coronado paddlers- how are numbers looking?

Anonymous said...