Sunday, January 11, 2009

Video: Cold, offshore, San Diego morning, small surf/big fun

Here's another video clip. Three videos in two days of surfing, I guess when it rains it pours around here. Camera Grom is going to whip up his cut from the footage and I'm sure we'll see that in a couple of days. Here's a cool little bit of information: I surfed for almost exactly an hour with the crew that's in this little film. I had the Grom come over right after the session to upload the shots onto my hard drive. When analyzed on a waves per hour basis, the results of our little session were an eyeopener.

I was amazed at the amount of surfing we did in that time period. An hour of surfing yielded forty clips. Each clip has at least one wave on it so that's forty waves in an hour! And this was in pretty dismal, inconsistent conditions. That's a lot of wave riding for an hour. It gets you thinking about the advantage we've got over prone surfers, it's the type of edge that we definitely should keep under control if we're going to promote harmony out there.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool. Who' the band singing the driftin song.

John Ashley said...

Thanks for the compliment! Killer little song huh? They're the Dirty Heads- I dig 'em.

Anonymous said...

dude mr. asley your video is so rad lets go out in the water broskies. maybe we can catch some waves together

Anonymous said...

SWEET!!!! You guys are having way too much fun. :-P

Guess this beats church on a Sunday morning eh? Maybe this IS your church. :-)

John Ashley said...

Thanks RGG!

Just having fun down at the beach- hope all is well!