Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Back Foot Drivin': Stu Kenson Zapper

Get your foot back over the quad fins and drive this thing down the line. That's the name of the game with the Zapper. Stu pushed the wide point and volume back so it's an easy half step back to the tail to start jamming. What's cool is from the paddling position it's super easy to be back in the sweet spot.

Check it out:

Photo: Nice lines. Believe it or not this board is a ridiculously fast paddler and far more stable than you'd suspect. I'm well over two hundred pounds and have had no problems zipping all over the line up on this one. In a quiver this might fill the "big, short board" slot- it's the board you could use on a meatier waves and longer paddles and still have the loose feeling of a shorter board. Versatile.

Photo: Super secret bottom contours... actually Stu told me what was going on- but there's so much happening there I couldn't catch it (or really understand it) all. Whatever it is, it all comes together in a package that produces nice drive and good flow down the line.

Bumps off the tail keep her loose off the top. I was surprised at how quickly this board comes around off the top- especially on backhand snaps. Those are tough turns on a stand up board- on this board they were pretty intuitive.

More data points
are still needed on this board, especially in some open face race-track waves (of which we've had very little in the last couple of days) but so far the initial results are in and we're stoked!

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what size fin is up front,captneg9