Saturday, March 28, 2009

Going to San-O tomorrow 3/29/09: Who's in?

We're off to San-O tomorrow morning with a bunch of boards, The Grom and Big Chad. I bribed Grom into shooting video so if you're there and on a stand up board you'll probably make it onto his next web video. We'll be there from 7am to probably around 10am... anybody else showing up? Cross your fingers there may even be a little surf- tide will be low going high. Maybe some fun ones out there... see you there!

San-O's for the whole family! Photo: Zorro

Small but fun... bring your big boards! Photo: Zorro

Paddle surf lessons in sunny San Diego. It's your turn to be cool. Give us a call and we'll put you on a board and get you started the right way: 619.213.6622 or click here for more lesson information and to meet, me, your instructor!


Kiwi said...

I just figured out how to sign my name. I hope you guys have a SICK time at the "patch" tomorrow. Wish I could go but other interests will keep me closer to home base tomorrow.

Chad said...

What a shot!!

Chad said...